about the artist

Morgan Cohen received a BA from Hampshire College in 1994, and since has been living and working in Boston, MA. He has exhibited internationally, in Boston, Paris, New York City, and Portland, ME. Morgan recently received a Finalist Award for Individual Artist Grantfrom the Massachusetts Cultural Council. In 1999 he received the Jean and Kalil Gibran Award for Excellence in Artfrom the Copley Society in Boston. He is represented by Gallery NAGA, Boston, MA.

"My work concerns the finding of form inside the everyday. I look to the surfaces of walls, objects, and furniture, all of the things that surround us in the world, which become for me surfaces for light to fall on and define. They become the place where light is manifest. I am interested in retrieving space, grasping it out of the world, isolating it, and letting it achieve a life of its own. I have chosen these places to photograph because they transform an innocuous, unconsidered space into an area pure and free of distraction. I am interested not in representing space, but in creating the experience of space. The surfaces transform their existence as parts of rooms or objects into the possibility of the experience of light."

about the work

All of this work is photographed traditionally using color negative films and printed as chromogenic dye coupler prints (also known as C prints, Type C Prints, or Chromogenic Prints), using Fujicolor CDII and Kodak Endura papers for their superb archival stability.

The images you see here on the website are representative of various bodies of work completed over the last seven or eight years, and are by no means the entire group of works. More work can be seen by visiting the studio or Gallery NAGA, Boston.

purchasing work

The prints are made in very small editions of five and ten, depending on the image, and are available for sale. To inquire about purchasing work, to see more work, or to arrange a studio visit, please contact Gallery NAGA or Morgan Cohen directly at the addresses, phone numbers, or email below. 



Morgan is available and open to the possibility of commissioned work. Please contact him by email or phone (info below).


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This web site was designed and produced by Morgan Cohen. Please contactfor more information or with any comments regarding the site.


Thank you for your time visiting the site.

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Morgan Cohen


Gallery NAGA
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